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Website Optimization

If you own a website and it is not well optimized, you may experience the following issues:

  1. SEO Problem

  2. Slow speed while loading

  3. Your server will require higher resources to run the website

  4. Your website will be unreachable when your server goes down.

Barg Sabz is pleased to provide solutions for the above issues for companies and organizations operating in Afghanistan. We have highly qualified developers which will help you providing the following services:

  1. Setup and Configuration of a caching engine: Website owners shall consider installing a powerful and reliable caching engine to speed up the website load time. Such engines will cache the website files and deliver it to website visitors quickly without loading the files from the original location.

  2. Setup and Configuration of a CDN (Content Delivery Network): A Content Delivery Network helps your visitors to access the data from the nearest data centers geographically. For example if you are viewing a website from Afghanistan which is hosted in USA, the website will load much slower than if your website is locally hosted or is in an Asian country. A CDN will keep your website cache and will route it in different locations, so your audience can load it from the nearest location.

  3. Database Tunning and Optimization: To speed up your website you definitely require database repair and optimization. There may also be many post revisions which can highly load up your website which results to slow load time. Deleting post revisions on a regular basis is recommended to all website owners.

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